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Practical skills training "Basic practical skills of laparoscopic surgery"

Duration: 4 days.

Place of event: Training Centre and Experimental Department of the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology  after A. Shalimov; Kiev, Geroev Sevastopolya, 30

Expert of the course: surgeon - Lytvyn Alexander, Department of laparoscopic surgery and cholelithiasis.

Curator of the course: Mikhalchevsky Valentin - surgeon. Department of Pancreatic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery of the bile ducts

Participants: practising surgeons

Teachers: leading experts of the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology after A. Shalimov and the National Medicine Academy for Post-Graduate Education after P. Shupik

Course objectives: сonsidering the main principles of laparoscopy, training methods of miniinvasive surgery, with all the surgical energies being applied.

Course prorgam:

Practising laparoscopy on simulators and organic complexes 
Performing the operations suggested on the lab swines 
Analyzing the main stages of surgical interventions during the online broadcast from the operating room. 

Assisting the leading experts of the A.Shalimov NIST in the clinical operating rooms.

Skill test  control:

Practising manual skills in laparoscopy;

Instruction for working with laparoscopic devices and instruments;

Rules for setting ports;

Intracorporal and extracorporal suture applying methods

Program for practical skill training during the course:

Arranging the laparoscopic devices before surgical intervention;

Sterilisation of the laparoscopic instruments;

Applying pneumoperitoneum  with the Verres needle;

Applying pneumoperitoneum  with the Hasson trocar;

Manipulations with laparoscopic graspers;

Tissue dissection with scissors and active surgical instruments using mono-, bi-polar, plasma and ultrasonic energies;

Ligation and dissection of tubular structures (vasculars, bile ducts (cystic ducts), ureter;

Clipping by metallic, plastic and absorbal clips

Mastering intracorporal and extracorporal suture applying methods;

Further training with modern equipment in laparoscopic surgery to ensure surgical energy safety and effeciency;

Using different methods in suturing with laparoscopic instruments;

Performing laparoscopic cholecystectomy on biological tissue (lab pigs) and in the in-patient operating rooms;

Performing laparoscopic appendectomy on biological tissue (lab pigs) and in the in-patient operating rooms;

Performing laparoscopic small bowel anastomosis on biological tissue (lab pigs) and in the in-patient operating rooms;

Stopping the bleeding from liver parenchyma during laparoscopic operations on biological tissue;

Introductory course on hepatectomy, splenectomy, pancreaticoduodenal resection, gastrectomy,  bowel resection, hernioplasty, some types of inosculation (hepatojejunostomy, gastroenterostomy, enteroenteroanastomosis), nephrectomy with the use of different surgical energies

Material and technical facilities of the course: simulators for laparoscopy, devices and equipment for laparoscopic surgery (laparoscopic units, high frequency, ultrasonic surgical devices), boards to practise manual skills with the laparoscopic instruments, organic complexes, lab swines, in-patient operating rooms, broadcasting from  operating rooms, multi-media learning facilities, video library, library

Methodology: module standards of education based on recomendations of American and European Unions of surgeons 

At the end of the course, a Certificate of the Center for Surgical Innovation, which includes points according to the order of the MPH № 446 dated 22.02.2019

The number of points for a participant of the BPD event is calculated in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 22.02.2019 № 446 "Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors"

In order to prevent the spread in Ukraine of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and

in connection with the establishment of quarantine restrictions in accordance with applicable law: the implementation of the event may be postponed to another date or canceled.

"Participation in the event with 100% payment"
"If you refuse to participate in the event in less than 5 working days, the money will not be refunded!"

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