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From January, 22 to 23, 2021, the "Basic Course of Ultrasound Diagnostics in Intensive Care" took place at the Training Center "Center of Surgical Innovation ®".

Curators of the course: Vysotsky Andriy - anesthesiologist, department of REVH, Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital of Kyiv,

Shipov Danylo - pediatric cardiologist of the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The course program included:

8-hour (4 + 4) practical intensive course, focused on those wishing to master ultrasound in intensive care.

Participants were taught to work with an ultrasound machine, choose the right sensors, presets, optimize the image.

Course participants have mastered the "alphabet" of which consists of ultrasound of the lungs, to determine the main indicators of ultrasound of the heart, necessary for the analysis of hemodynamics, and of course the search for free fluid in the abdomen - FAST, e-FAST.

The main emphasis was on practical skills.

At the end, students were able to conduct ultrasound of the lungs, deduce the main positions in the examination of the heart, mastered the FAST protocol.

FINAL - a practical simulation scenario with clinical indicators, so to speak - binding to life)

The passed / failed principle.

The course was held with great activity of its participants.


CSI would like to thank the course curator and all participants.

Till next time!