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Workshop "Laparoscopic anatomical resection of the liver: indications, techniques, tips and tricks"

Duration: 2 days.

Curator of the course - FEDOROV DENIS - Candidate of Medical Sciences, transplant surgeon of the first category, senior researcher of the Department of Surgery and Transplantation of the liver of the O.O. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation.

Venue: Center for Surgical Innovations (Kyiv, 30 Heroiv Sevastopolya St.)

Previous level of preparation of participants: Advanced (advanced)

Audience: Hepatobiliary surgeons with experience in surgery on the liver

Course duration: 2 days (theoretical part, analysis of video operations, visit to the operating room "live surgery")

Purpose of the course: study of theoretical and practical aspects of laparoscopic resections of the liver

Course Content:
Theoretical part - lectures:
* Laparoscopic-oriented X-Ray of the liver: what to pay attention to.
* Basic technique of the main types of laparoscopic resections of the liver
* Tips & tricks for laparoscopic access in liver resection surgery
* Video viewing of operations with detailed case analysis
The practical part - being in the operating room during surgery with a discussion of tactics and stages of intervention

With the course you can:
* Improve knowledge of resection-oriented liver anatomy.
* Impressions for laparoscopic surgery
* Have an idea about the possibilities of laparoscopic access in liver resection surgery
* Perform basic types of laparoscopic resections of the liver.

At the end of the course, a Certificate of the Center for Surgical Innovation, which includes points according to the order of the MPH № 446 dated 22.02.2019

The number of points for a participant of the BPD event is calculated in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 22.02.2019 № 446 "Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors"

"Participation in the event with 100% payment"
"If you refuse to participate in the event in less than 5 working days, the money will not be refunded!"

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