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“Live surgery” from Professor I. Gladchiuk and Candidate of Medicine A. Stakhovsky

On January 9-10, 2015 the Aleksandrovskaya Hospital in Kiev hosted a master-class “Deep infiltrating endometriosis” in which surgeons and gynecologists from different regions of Ukraine took part in the consultation concerning surgical treatment of several patients who had been diagnosed with deep infiltrating endometriosis complicated by bowel and bladder damage.

The master-class program also included reports on modern methods of endometriosis study, diagnosis mistakes, surgery tactics, the use of different energies in endometriosis surgery, the scope of surgical stapling instruments.

For two days, in the “life surgery” mode, the surgeons and gynecologists analyzed difficult clinical cases, discussed diagnosis criteria; selection of reasonable size of surgical intervention, further treatment. Professor I.Gladchiuk took into consideration the points of view of the specialists present and brilliantly conducted surgical intervention. A.Stakhovsky paid special attention to the problem of iatrogenic damage to the urinary tract in endometriosis surgery.

The master-class participants agreed that laparoscopy remains the “golden standard” in diagnostics reliability and endometriosis surgery.

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