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A meeting of the Odessa region Association of surgeons “Vital problems of liver surgery” in Odessa

On December, 26, 2014 Center of Surgical Innovations took part in a regular meeting of the Odessa region Association of surgeons.

The topic of the meeting was “Vital problems of liver surgery”

Surgeons from different parts of Ukraine were present at the meeting.

Scientific discussion was focused on the new technologies of liver resection, laparoscopic liver resection, X-ray endovascular intrusion, echinococcosis treatment. 


The reports presented were as follows:

  1. Anatomic liver resection: new technologies and the experience of the National Institute of Cancer, Kiev – Associate Professor A.V. Lukashenko, the National Institute of Cancer
  2. Prospects of laparoscopic liver resection – Professor V.V. Grubnik, Odessa National Medical Institute
  3. Modern approaches to the echinococcosis treatment  - Professor S.G. Chetverikov, Odessa National Medical Institute
  4. X-ray endovascular intrusion with liver diseases – Associate Professor O.N. Zagorodniuk, Odessa National Medical Institute


Center of Surgical Innovation noted the necessity of the meeting and appreciated the cooperation with the Odessa region Association of surgeons.

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