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On October 7-9, 2015 the CSI held a three-day seminar-workshop for surgeons “Laparoscopic herniology”.

The course program included subject lectures and presentations, watching the use of hernioplasty equipment, analyzing some clinical cases, conversation upon methods for treating patients and a training on laparoscopic simulators and lab swine.

In their reports the lecturers were focused on the following topics: hernia laparoscopic methods, difference between TAP and TEPP, alohernioplastics in the post-operative intestinal hernias, different methods of fixing mesh prostheses, types of surgical energies and their influence on biological tissues, methods of dissection and coagulation:  HF, mono and bi-polar, RF surgery, ultra sound dissectors, plasma, radio and laser generators. The course participants were actively involved in the discussion of the problems mentioned.

The medical representatives for the Covidien and Ansel companies made a presentation of their products.

The course participants practised methods of laparoscopic hernioplastics, that is, TAPP, TEP and IPOM.

Special thanks to Candidates of Medicine A. Kalashnikov and S. Kosiuhno for organizing a good practice and the Soering, Covidien and Ansel companies for their technical and material support.

The next course on laparoscopic herniology is to be held on December, 21-25, 2015.

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