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The Center of Surgical Innovation is constantly improving its work and provides new training courses.  In response to numerous requests, the CSI and the NIST after A. Shalimov developed a new 3-day course, “Laparoscopic herniology”. The course was held at the CSI on 12-14 August, 2015.

The session program intense activities included some course lectures and video presentations, watching the use of herniaplasty equipment, considering some clinical cases, assisting the experts in the operating rooms at the NIST after A. Shalimov, practising manual skills on the laparoscopic simulators following the original instructions from the SCI instructions and on the lab swines.

The course participants were given lectures on “Hernias laparoscopic methods: TAPP or TEP?” (Candidate of Medicine S. Kosiukhno), “Laparoscopic alohernioplastics in the post-operative intestinal hernias:  iPOM” (Candidate of Medicine S. Kosiukhno),  a video-presentation  on “Types of surgical energies, their impact on the biological tissue, methods of dissection and coagulation: mono and bi-polar, RF surgery, Ultra sound dissectors, plasma, radio and laser generators” (the CSI service engineer V. Astapenkov), a presentation of products from   the Covidien, Soering, Bowa and Ansel Companies,  the CSI partners.

 During the lectures and presentations, there were active discussions of the topics proposed.

At the time of the Vet Lab practice the surgeons trained in performing a two side tissue dissection with the help of scissors and active surgical instruments, in applying sutures with the laparoscopic instruments using different techniques, in introducing the mesh into the preperitoneal place through the port, in fixing a mesh implant with the use of herniostapler, in suturing the intestine with a hernioplasty device.  

The CSI appreciate the work of the course instructors, Doctors of Medicine A. Kalashnikov and S. Kosiukhno, for their lectures and the Soering, Bowa, Covidien and Ansel companies for their technical and material support.

The next course on laparoscopic herniology is to be held on  October 24 - 25, 2015.

You are welcome to join the course!


 The SCI team

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