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XXIII Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine

On October 21 - 23, 2015 Kiev hosted a Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine, with many foreign specialists being invited. It was a grand event which was attended by over four thousand people. The enormous preparatory work of the organizers ensured a high standard of the main surgical event of the last years. Because of the large number of pressing issues not all the surgeons were able to deliver their presentations, but all had the opportunity of live communication with their Ukrainian and foreign fellows. Such communication had been long awaited.
The exchange of experience and knowledge, meeting new people - this is why it is worth organizing such events. Special thanks to our foreign guests and particularly to Prof. Keck and Dr. Lapshyn for their excellent reports and an opportunity to communicate in the informal setting with the leaders of the laparoscopic surgery in Germany.

We are proud to note that the CSI stand was the most visited during the three days of the Congress. The doctors and undergraduates stood in line to practise laparoscopy on the simulators. The most skillful participants were awarded special prizes. We remind you that the CSI is open to surgeons every day. Our training programs are expanding, the leading experts from the Ukrainian and foreign clinics are ready to share their experience. Prof. Keck attested that we are going in the right direction, and he is willing to conduct our joint training courses in Kiev and in his Lubeck clinic.

Great interest was aroused by the presentation of the equipment from the Bowa company, a CSI partner. A new model of electric coagulator with the function of vessel legation and argon plasma coagulation has been successfully promoted on the Ukrainian market. The doctors could independently test the coagulator. A Bowa company representative kindly provided the surgeons with the information they needed.

We thank all the participants of the Congress for showing interest in the CSI and invite them to our special training courses. We also appreciate the material and technical support of our partner companies – Soering, Bowa and Loke.

Surgery is Ukraine is progressing!

We must strive for the world level since we deserve it!

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