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The practical seminar "Laparoscopic herniology" was held in the Center of Surgical Innovation on 23-29th November 2016. The surgeons from different regions of Ukraine and Azerbaijan took part in the seminar.

The course program was more intense this time. The leading doctors of the Department of surgery of gastrointestinal tract of National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of O.O. Shalimov Ph.D. Kosukhno S.V., Ph.D. Kalashnykov O.O., Ph.D. Perekhrestenko O.V., Plehudsa O.I.

The topic of lectures included laparoscopic methods of inguinal hernia treatment, differences between ТАРР and TEP techniques, laparoscopic hernioplasty in cases of postoperative and umbilical abdominal hernia. The students attended a lecture on suturing and knots formation and were able to practise on laparoscopic simulators.

The participants of the course practiced the methods of laparoscopic hernioplasty: TAPP, TEP, іPOM, fundoplication – in the experimental department of National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of O.O. Shalimov. During the practicing students had the opportunity to try a live set of different mesh prosthesis and fixation of the mesh using different herniostaplers.

The students discussed cases of patients with trainers, shared their experiences and best practices with colleagues.

We thank the tutors of the practical seminar O.O. Kalashnykov and S.V. Kosukhno for organizing an intense and productive course, as well as our sponsors for providing consumables and instruments.

We hope that the new knowledge and experience gained during CSI course will be successfully implemented in practice.

We wish all the participants success in the future work!