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On 14-18 September, 2015 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a week long professional development course  “Practical skills of pelvic laparoscopic surgery” (the course instructor – Candidate of Medicine T. Petrenko). The course was focused on ovarian tumours.

The theoretical program of the course involved safe laparoscopy, tumor pelvic processes, types of surgical energies and their appliance in laparoscopy. The audience was particularly attracted by the information given in the report of Doctor of Medicine, Professor T. Kozarenko on extra noninvasive methods of pelvic investigation: USE, MRI, USS.The head of the CSD laboratory department E. Koshik spoke on the cytological and morphological diagnostics of various ovarian tumours.    


When training on laparoscopic simulators the course participants improved their practical skills in suturing and knotting techniques on biological tissue. They also discussed the patients’ cases, defined the methods of treatment, watched and commented on surgery videos.

During their Vet Lab practice the surgeons performed a number of surgical interventions on a lab pig, trained dissection, suturing and vessel ligation.

According to the course plan a special day was arranged for the doctors to train on the Lap Mentor Simbionix, a modern laparoscopic simulator. The exclusive simulator can model laparoscopic operations of different complexity.

The final day of the course turned out to be the most intensive, as the doctors assisted Professor I. Gladchiuk in the operating room. The Professor was considerate to each course member during the operation day.

We are sure that the knowledge and experience acquired will help the surgeons in their practical work and wish everybody success.


The CSI Team

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