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On 18-22 May, 2015 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a week-long professional development course for surgeons “Practical skills of laparoscopic surgery”.  A group of researchers from the NIST after A. Shalimov arranged a special lecture program for the course members. Detailed subject lectures were delivered by Professor, Doctor of Medicine A. Skums (“Tactics for surgical treatment of the bile ducts pathology”), Assistant Professor, Candidate of MedicineI.Galochka (“Iatrogenicinjuries”), Candidate of Medicine A. Kalashnikov (“The basics of laparoscopy”), Candidate of Medicine S. Kosiukhno (“Laparoscopic methods of treating hernias”). Candidate of Medicine A. Lukashenko from National institute of cancer spoke on laparoscopic anatomical liver resection.

The course participants exercised on laparoscopic simulators practising the basic methods of mini invasive surgical intervention, suturing on boards and biological tissue. Some surgical stages, according to the course plan, the surgeons performed on the Lap Mentor Ethicon.

The course participants had their VET LAB in the operating room to get a splendid opportunity to train basic laparoscopic techniques on the lab swines using the existing surgical energies, that is, high frequency, plasma and ultrasonic devices from Soering company. The participants of the course mastered the herniaplasty technique, in line with modern standards using stitching and fixing devices   from Covedian company.

To follow the course program the surgeons analyzed the clinical cases of some patients and assisted Professor A.Skums in the operating room.

Upon completion of the improvement course the surgeons received the state certificates of the National Medical Academy of Post- Graduate education after P. Shupik.

The CSI group wish all the course participants success and further achievements.

You are always welcome in the CSI! 

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