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Ukraine’s first practical seminar "The application of minimal invasive techniques in pediatric surgery" was held in the Center of Surgical innovation on 7-9th December 2016. The colleagues from all over Ukraine took part in the seminar.

The leading Ukrainian scientists and surgeons from the best clinic of Ukraine – National pediatric advanced hospital "Ohmatdyt" – were the experts of the course: Chief pediatric surgeon of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, professor of the Chair of Pediatric Surgery of National Medical University of O.O. Bohomolets Prytula Vasyl Petrovych, Candidate of Medicine Hodik Oleh Sviatoslavovych and Ph.D. student of the Chair of Pediatric Surgery Zhezhera Roman Volodymyrovych.

The intense course program included everyday exercises on the simulators, attending the ORs in National pediatric advanced hospital "Ohmatdyt", big theoretical course according to the lectures: "The characteristics of endogenous pediatric surgery", "Acute appendicitis. The characteristics of endosurgical intervention", "Hirschsprung's disease. Laparoscopic methods of correction", "The methods of endosurgical correction of inguinal hernias in children", "Laparoscopic methods of correction of varicocele in children", "Diagnostic laparoscopy under abdominal form of cryptorchidism in children", "Opportunities of endosurgery in children" and" vet lab" on laboratory animals (pigs).

CSI lecturers held a series of lectures on the types of surgical energy, basics of laparoscopic techniques. The students had the opportunity to apply laparoscopic techniques and methodologies, to test the high-frequency, plasma and ultrasound equipment from leading manufacturers of surgical equipment in the ORs during the "vet lab".

The students successfully carried out a number of surgical laparoscopic interventions such as creating pneumoperitoneum, tissue dissection, methods of laparoscopic inguinal hernia correction, sewing skills and skills of knots formation, correction of congenital diaphragmatic hernia, correction of gastroesophageal reflex and other gastrointestinal surgical interventions.


CSI team congratulates everyone with the completion of the course and wishes success.

Looking forward to seeing you at our new courses in 2017!

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