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On November 4-6, 2019, in the Kharkiv Regional Oncology Center together with the Training Center, "Center of Surgical Innovation ®" under the guidance of the best specialists: General Director of Skoriy Denis and oncologist surgeon Zelinsky Artem underwent an intensive course "Stanartar colorectal cancer ”, during which doctors from different regions of Ukraine participated in a consultation on the surgical treatment of several patients.

The theoretical part of the course consisted of lectures and reports from leading specialists: "Stage of colorectal cancer - differences of the 7th and 8th edition of TNM", "Role of CT and MRI in the stage of colorectal cancer", "Onco-surgical anatomy of the colon and rectum, standard Techniques "," Complete mesocolectomy with central vascular ligation and D3 lymph node dissection as a standard of treatment for colon cancer "," Tumor-specific mesorectectomy, total mesorectectomy, extra-rectal extirpation of the rectum as a condition dart of rectal cancer "," Role of para-aortic lymph node dissection, combined operative surgery for locally advanced cancer and relapse in the treatment of colon cancer "," Surgery beyond TME "for locally spread rectal cancer, cases of colorectal cancer (obstruction, perforation, bleeding) "," Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of synchronous metastases of colorectal cancer "," The modern concept of treatment of colorectal cancer metastases in pupil and lungs. "

For three days in the format of "live surgery" doctors considered complex clinical cases, discussed the criteria for determining the diagnosis, choosing the appropriate amount of surgery, further prognosis, also assisted Skoro DI and Zelinsky AI, who performed a number of operations: CME / CVL. Right-sided hemigepatectomy with atypical resections of the left lobe. Left triosectionectomy with renal vein resection. Laparoscopic staging, subtotal CME / CVC colectomy divertive ileostomy. TsME with diverted ileostomy, TsME with diverted ileostomy or obstructively. Obstructive TME, stage 1 ALPPS.TME or ELAPE. Sigmostomy. Sigmoidectomy CME / CVL. Closure of the ileostomy. Gastroenteroanastamosis, ileotransversoanastamosis.


Center for Surgical Innovation thank you very soon, Zelinsky A. for conducting an interesting and fruitful course and wishes all its participants success in their future work!