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 From October 29 to 30, 2020 in the VERUM expert clinic and with the support of the Training Center "Surgical Innovation ®" a master class "Modern approaches to surgical treatment of thyroid pathology" was held

Course expert: Gorobeyko Maxim.


The master class program is aimed at exchanging experience in the use of modern technologies in thyroid surgery.


Total extrafascial thyroidectomy, in 20-30% is accompanied by transient hypocalcemia [1,2], which remains persistent in 1-4% of patients [1]. Complications are the consequences of damage to the thyroid gland (thyroid gland), disruption of their blood supply during excretion, accidental removal of 3-4 thyroid gland, with or without subsequent autotransplantation of the latter.

Damage to the thyroid gland, or its unintentional removal, can be avoided by improving intraoperative methods for identifying the latter. Currently, in most cases, the operating surgeon relies solely on his own experience, assessing the color, consistency, localization of the thyroid gland.

The latest method using the Fluobeam LX fluorescence system www.fluoptics.com.ua intraoperative visualization of unaltered and adenomatously altered thyroid glands can be used in two modes:

1) visualization of autofluorescence of the thyroid gland;

2) visualization with the introduction of a solution of indocyanine green (Indocyanine green (ICG)).

Identification of the reverse laryngeal nerve using Inomed C2 Monitor, which is the world standard in thyroid surgery.

Application of Thorax regimens in the Bowa ARC 400 BOWA-medical coagulator to reduce blood loss and confident work of the surgeon.

At the end of the course, participants received a CSI Certificate, which includes points, according to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 02/22/2019 № 446.

CSI expresses its gratitude to the curator of the course and all its participants, success in their work.

Until We Meet Again!