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On February 26-28, 2020, a basic course in microsurgical technology was held at the Training Center, "Center of Surgical Innovation ®".

Curator of the course Smolanka I.

The course program included the theoretical part and the laboratory animal (rat) practical training.

The topics of the lectures included: “History of Microsurgery. Fundamentals of microsurgical technique "," Suture material used in microsurgery. microsurgical instruments "," Types of microsurgical anastomoses "," Technique of imposing anastomosis on a vein. Anastomosis End-in - end on jugular vein. Venous graft technique ».

The participants were given a lot of time for the practical part of the course, the cadets worked out the following methods on rats: end-to-end carotid anastomosis, end-to-end artery anastomosis. Anastomosis end - to - end over the jugular vein. Overlay anastomosis end-to-end at the femoral vein. Anastomosis end - to - side on carotid artery.

Upon completion of the training, trainees were given CSI certificates.

Many thanks to the course curator, all participants and partners of BOWA electronic GmbH.