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On December 20-21, 2019, the FIRST DIVIDED SCHOOL OF REGIONAL ANESTHESIA was held at the Feofaniya Clinical Hospital with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. ».

The program included reports from leading experts, invited foreign speakers, and hands-on part (working on models).

Within two days the reports were heard:

The anatomy of the brachial plexus - V. Feseno.

Regional anesthesia for surgery on the shoulder joint and clavicle - R. Chaplinsky.

Regional anesthesia for surgery below the shoulder joint - A. Strokan.

Anatomy of lumbosacral weaving - V. Kolomachenko

Regional Anesthesia for Knee Surgery - Andre Theron (Belgium).

Epidural blockade. Her place in the modern world of regional anesthesia is I. Lisny.

Anatomy of nerves and plexuses that innervate the chest and abdominal cavity - V. Martsin.

Myofascial blocks of the chest - A. Albokrinov.

Myofascial blocks of the abdominal wall - E. Glazov.

Local anesthetics and complications in their application - V. Fesenko.

I / O analgesia with lidocaine solution. Impressions. Mechanism of action. Minutes - E. Mogorita.

The use of adjuvants in regional anesthesia - V. Fesenko.

Regional anesthesia for surgery on the lower extremity to the level of the knee - D. Dmitriev.

Fundamentals of ultrasound for anesthesiologist - V. Martsinov.