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From November 19 to November 21, 2020 at the Training Center, "Center of Surgical Innovation ®", the Workshop "Little-invasive anorectal surgery" was held.

Course curator: surgeon, proctologist, oncosurgeon - Grigoryan Artem.

The course program was rich, the lecture part, cases of patients and modern methods of surgical intervention, errors in diagnosis, complications in surgical practice, the use of various types of energies in the surgical practice of treatment and lessons on organocomplexes.

The theoretical part of the course was presented by a surgeon, proctologist, oncosurgeon - Grigorian Artem, which consisted of the following topics: Anatomy of the rectum and anal canal. Fibrous supporting structures anorectum. Anatomical "keys". MR-anatomy of paraproctitis and fistulas. Pathophysiology of hemorrhoids. Review of modern treatment methods. The choice of treatment tactics. Outpatient hemorrhoid interventions - latex ligation, photocoagulation. Fundamentals of classical hemorrhoidectomy. Anatomy of a hemorrhoidectomy. Open or closed? Energy selection - monopolar? thermoligation? ultrasound? Secret tricks. How to treat a patient after hemorrhoidectomy. Transanal dearterialization. Stapling hemorrhoidopexy according to Longo. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty. Indications. Technics. Estimates.

During HANDS ON TRAINING, cadets practiced practical skills on biological models (Isbert type simulators with calf anorectum) - hemorrhoidectomy using various energies, Gabriel's operation, latex ligation and photocoagulation on biological models, stapling hemorrhoidopexy according to Longo.

The Center for Surgical Innovations thanks the course curator Artem Grigoryan for conducting an interesting and fruitful course and wishes all its participants success in their future work!