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On November 19-20, 2020, the Basic Course "Introduction to Microsurgery" took place at the Training Center "Center of Surgical Innovation ®".


Course curator Smolanka II


The course program included a theoretical part and practical classes on a special method.

Topics of the course lectures included: “History of microsurgery. Fundamentals of microsurgical techniques "," Suture material used in microsurgery. microsurgical instruments "," Types of microsurgical anastomoses "," Technique of imposing an anastomosis on a vein. Anastomosis End - in - the end on a jugular vein. Venous graft technique ».

A lot of time was allotted to the participants for the practical part of the course, the cadets worked on special. materials such techniques: anastomosis end - in - the end of the carotid artery, anastomosis end - in - the end of the femoral arteries. End-to-end anastomosis on the jugular vein. End-to-end anastomosis on the femoral vein. Imposition of an end-to-side anastomosis on the carotid artery.


Upon completion of the training, students were issued CSI certificates.

Many thanks to the curator of the course, all participants, and partners of BOWA electronic GmbH.