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A week course on thematic improvement "Basic practical skills of laparoscopic surgery of small pelvis for gynaecologists” was held in the Center of Surgical Innovation on 13-17th March 2017.

The tutor of the course – Roman Zhykharskyi, Ph.D., obstetrician-gynaecologist of Kyiv City Center of Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine, bachelor of European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE).

The course was attended by gynaecologists from different regions of Ukraine.

The theoretical course program consisted of the following topics: “Basic principles of laparoscopy”, “Uterine leiomyoma. Therapeutic approach. Types of laparoscopic surgery in case of leiomyoma”, “Safe laparoscopy”, “Neoplastic processes of small pelvis”, “Types and methods of treatment of genital endometriosis”, “Acute abdomen in gynaecology”, “The role of endoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility”.

A separate lecture was devoted to the types of surgical energy, their influence on biological tissues, the problem of hemostasis in laparoscopic surgery, the participants of the course were also provided with a lot of video material, the tactics and methods of treatment of diseases were discussed.

The participants of the course had the opportunity to assist the MD professor Kyrylo Chaika in the operating room of Kyiv City Center of Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine.

A lot of attention was paid to practical training on simulators, on which students worked according to a special technic and practiced the skills of dissection, ligation of the vessels, laparoscopic suturing.

Interesting cases of patients, tactics and methods of surgical treatment of different gynaecological diseases were discussed during the course.

The participants practiced skills of pneumoperitoneum overlapping, trocar placement, navigation by a camera, manipulation of the instruments in the abdominal cavity, studied the rules of use of different surgical energy on the biological tissues, the imposition of intra- and extra-corporal sutures during VET LAB practical course.

The participants have received certificates of the CSI after completion of the course.

The team of the Center of Surgical Innovation thanks prof. Kyrylo Chaika and tutor of the course Roman Zhykharskyi for holding an interesting and useful course and wishes all the participants success in further work!