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On November 7-8, 2019 at the University Clinic 1 in Odessa, together with the Training Center, "Center of Surgical Innovation ®", under the guidance of Igor Gdadchuk, a course "Innovative Approaches in the Treatment of Genital Prolapse" was held. Gynecologists from different regions of Ukraine participated in a consultation on the surgical treatment of several patients.

The master class program also contained a report by Professor Gladchuk I. on the topics of modern methods of treatment of genital prolapse, errors in diagnosis, surgical practice, use of different types of energy in surgical practice of treatment.

For two days in the format of "live surgery" gynecologists considered complex clinical cases, discussed the criteria for determining the diagnosis, choosing the appropriate amount of surgery, further prognosis, also assisted Igor Zinovich Gdadchuk and performed a number of operations: "Vaginal hysterectomy," Supercervical hysterectomy with appendages "," Promontofixation "," Vaginal hysterectomy with appendages. Anterior, posterior colpoperations. Rear Prolift Installation. Levatoroplasty »,

Professor I. Gladchuk took into account the point of view of the experts present and brilliantly performed the operative interventions.

The Center for Surgical Innovation is grateful to Prof. I.Gadchuk and Assoc. Kozhakov V. for conducting an interesting and fruitful course and wishes all its participants success in their future work!