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On September 4-6, 2019, the Surgical Innovation Center hosted a seminar-workshop on SURGICAL IMPLEMENTATION IN CHILDREN'S SURGERY.

The experts of the course were the leading scientists of the country, surgeons-practitioners of the best clinic of the country - National Children's Specialized Hospital - OHMATDIT. Such as: Chief Pediatric Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, National Medical University. Our Lady of the Epiphany - Vasyl Pritula and Sayed Faizula Husseini Pediatric Surgeon.

A rich program of the course included training on simulators, assisting in the NMSL "Ohmatdit", theoretical course on lectures: "Features of endogenous surgery of childhood", "Acute appendicitis. Features of endosurgical intervention "," Hirschsprung's disease. Laparoscopic methods of correction "," Methods of one-surgical correction of inguinal hernia in children "," Laparoscopic methods of correction of varicocele in children "," Diagnostic laparoscopy in abdominal form of cryptorchidism in children "," Possibilities of endosurgery in a pediatric laboratory "and" veterinary laboratory " (rabbits).

CSI teachers also gave a series of lectures on the types of surgical energies, the basics of laparoscopic techniques. In the operating room, during the "vet lab", cadets had the opportunity to apply laparoscopic techniques and techniques, to test high-frequency, plasma and ultrasound devices from leading world manufacturers of surgical equipment.

A number of surgical laparoscopic interventions have been successfully performed under the supervision of a curator.

The team of the Surgical Innovation Center thanks the curator and all participants for carrying out a rich course and wishes you all success in your future work!