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On July 29 - August 2, 2019, the Center for Surgical Innovation hosted a three-day workshop for interns and senior students of medical universities "Basic skills of laparoscopic surgery".

Course curator: Mihalchevsky Valentin Petrovich: doctor-surgeon, department of pancreatic surgery and reconstructive surgery of bile ducts.

The theoretical program of the course included the following topics: "Fundamentals of laparoscopic technique", "Tips and tricks of modern laparoscopic operations", "Laparoscopic surgery in emergency conditions. A sharp stomach. Surgery or gynecology. A multidisciplinary approach. (Acute appendicitis, perforated ulcers, ovarian apoplexy) Situational tasks for trocar position during baseline surgery.

The training schedule was very busy. Much attention was paid to practical questions and lessons on simulator simulators with the development of skills in the possession of laparoscopic instruments and the formation of intracorporeal nodes.

During the seminar, the cadets had the opportunity to attend the NICU operating them. Shalimov.

During the VET LAB-practice participants of the course trained in the formation of pneumoperitoneum, placement of trocars, navigation with the camera in the abdominal cavity, manipulation of tools, formation of intracorporeal sutures and modeling of the operation during perforative gastric ulcer and hip, nephrectomy, regional resection of the liver, and hemostasis worked with bleeding from various sources.

Upon completion of the course, participants received Certificates from the Surgical Innovation Center.


We wish all participants success in further learning and the fastest possible application of the acquired skills in work!