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On December 14-18, 2015 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a week long professional development course for surgeons “Practical skills of laparoscopic surgery”.

In their reports the lecturers for the course were focused on the following topics: the basics of laparoscopic techniques, iatrogenic injuries, laparoscopic methods of treating hernias, laparoscopic surgery in emergency cases. The CSI engineer displayed a video-presentation on types of surgical energies and their appliance in laparoscopy.

 During the practical part of the course the doctors trained on the laparoscopic simulators practising the basic methods of mini invasive surgical intervention, practised dissection, ligation and exercised in suturing on boards and biological tissue.

In the operating room, during the VET LAB, the doctors got a splendid opportunity to practise the basic laparoscopic techniques on the lab swines, to test high frequency, plasma and ultrasonic devices from the leading manufacturers of surgical equipment.

Following the course program the surgeons attended the operations performed by the leading experts of the NIST and observed laparoscopic and open interventions, liver resection and transplantation in particular.

The CSI team wish all the course participants success and further achievements.

See you in 2016!

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