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On October 16-17, 2014 Uzhgorod National  University held a research and practical seminar "Endometriosis. Diagnosis myths and surgical reality".

The seminar was initiated by the Center of Surgical Innovation under the sponsorship of Soering, Karl Storz, Байер Украина, Берлин-Хеми, Ренессанс Медикал, Калина and Ansel companies, with the encouragement of Zakarpatskaya Region Administration Health Department and  the "Asclepius" medical center.

The seminar audience got acquainted with modern methods for diagnostics as well as medical and surgical treatment of endometriosis.

On the first day of the seminar the gynecologists practised the surgical methods of endometriosis treatment in the operating room of the "Asclepius" clinic where they assisted Professsor I.Z.Gladchiuk.

The other day program included hearing reports and watching videopresentations prepared by the Ukrainian experts on endometriosis, which was followed by a professional discussion on the problems and innovative approaches to endometriosis treatment.

The seminar presented the following reports and video presentations:

  1. Endometriosis. А modern approach to the problem – Doctor of Medicine, Professor I. Gladchiuk (Odessa State Medical University)
  2. Modern methods of endometriosis treatment. Diagnosis myths – Doctor of Medicine T.G.Petrenko
  3. Videopresentation “Ultrasonic diagnostics in the treatment of endometriosis” – V.G.Skrypynets (Uzhgorod National University)
  4. Modern approaches to the medical treatment of endometriosis  - Associate Professor I.I. Treshiak (the “Asklepius” Clinic)
  5. Videopresentation “Surgical reality of the endometriosis treatment” - Doctor of Medicine, Professor I. Gladchiuk (Odessa State Medical University)
  6. Using high-frequency, ultrasonic and plasma energies in surgical practice – Doctor of Medicine V.L. Kozhakov
  7. Modern approaches to means of individual hand protection for gynecologists – N.F.Shalayeva (the “Kalina” Company)
  8. Perioperative anesthesia in miniinvasive surgery – V.M.Ivanio (Uzhdogod municipal perinatal center)
  9. Practical experience of endometriosis treatment in the “Asklepius” Clinic – Associate professor I.I. Treshachak (the “Asklepios” Clinic)
  10. Videopresentation “Practical experience of endometriosis treatment in miniinvasive surgery in Odessa hospital No. 1 in Odessa” – Associate Professor I.P. Nigutsa
  11. Videopresentation “Using of plazma energy in surgical treatment” – A.A. Yazykov (the “Asklepios” Clinic)
  12. Extravaginal endometriosis – Professor O.O. Korchinskaya (Uzhgorod National University)
  13. Endometriosis and infertility – Professor Y.Y. Bobik (Uzhgorod National University)

During the seminar the audience could attend a specialized exposition of medical products and ultrasonic surgical equipment from their manufacturers.

The participants of the seminar got necessary experience in the treatment of endometriosis and thanked Professor I.Z. Gladchiuk for his master class.

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