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On 3-4 April, 2015 the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology after A. Shalimov successfully hosted the research and practical conference “Endometriosis. Diagnostics myths and surgical realities. Reproductive health of the nation” at which gynecologists, surgeons, coloproctologists, urologists and reproductologists from different regions of Ukraine discussed new and existing professional techniques in the treatment of endometriosis.

The conference began with the welcoming speeches from Director of NIST, Doctor of Medicine, Head Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Professor O.U. Usenko and Chief Obstetrician Gynecologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences V.V.Kaminskiy.

The eventful program of the conference: video presentations, reports, practical activities – caused strong interest and a lively discussion from the participants of the meeting. During the conference they considered a wide range of special issues, including modern view on the problem of endometriosis, tactics and technique of surgical intervention in the treatment of endometriosis, anatomical features of the pelvic surgery, problems in the diagnosis and prevention of endometriosis, optimisation of preoperative management of patients with endometriosis, prevention of iatrogenic injuries and surgical infection, unconventional approaches in the surgical treatment of deep infiltrative endometriosis, surgical energies in modern gynecology, laparoscopic surgery of deep infiltrative pelvic endometriosis. The conference participants got acquainted with positive experience of endometriosis treatment in a number of clinics in Ukraine, analysed European clinical Examination Protocol for patients with endometriosis, discussed some specific clinical cases, looked at the medical equipment and instruments advertised by the manufacturers invited. For the intended audience the organisers  arranged the performing, in the “live surgery” mode, of three operations on the patients diagnosed with “ knotty shaped adenomioma”, “deep infiltrative endometriosis with bowel damage”, “ovarian cyst”. The operations were conducted on a high professional level by Professor Igor Gladchuik (Odessa National Medical University) with the assistance of Candidates of Medicine Tatiana Petrenko (Center of Surgical Innovations, Kiev) and Viktor Shkarban (NIST after A. Shalimov) and appeared the become the center of professional discussion during the event.

The conference adopted its resolution and approved the Examination Protocol and Standard of Treatment for patients with endometriosis.

The Center of Surgical Innovations, the event organizer, would like to thank all the participants and the conference partners, namely, Bayer Health Care, Soering, Ansell, Ipsen, Avidian, Takeda, Kalina, Synevo and Yuria Farm for their help and support in organizing and holding the conference.  


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