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Between November 30 and December 3, 2015 the CSI held a new professional improvement  course “Minimal invasive technologies in coloproctology” (advanced level). The course instructor was Yevgeniy  Miroshnichenko , a surgical oncologist and skilled coloproctologist.

The course program was most rich. The professionals from all over Ukraine arrived to consider the most important and advanced issues of laparoscopic colorectal surgery together with the leading experts of the branch in Ukraine and abroad. The practical component of the agenda included examining the stages of standard laparoscopic surgery in coloproctology, training the basic skills for laparoscopy in coloproctology, analyzing typical intraoperative complications and methods for their elimination, approving the Protocol for a speedy recovery of the patient (Fast track, ERAS).

In the event the SCI received great support from the sponsoring companies Covidien, Olympus and Soering. Thus, a Covidien representative addressed the audience present with the report on the principles for the use of suturing devices and energy platforms.  The surgeons had the opportunity to try out the Covidien suturing devices in operation, as well as to practise suturing and anastomosis forming on dry and wet simulators.

During the vet lab period the surgeons were training to apply manual and hardware anastomosis, components of TME, clipping and welding (intercepting) the large vessels.

Live broadcasts from the Lisod and Olimed clinics (Kiev) were arranged for the course participants to watch the operations conducted by the leading endoscopic surgeons S. Baido and S. Muzyka.

A. Zelinskiy, an Institute of Cancer Research expert, delivered his lecture on multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.

The course instructor Y. Miroshnichenko paid special attention of the surgeons to the preparation and execution of laparoscopy on the intestine, including the stages of performing total and partial mesorectal excision and right side and left side colectomy, too.

The event was held with great activity of its participants. At the end the surgeons received the CSI Certificates.

We appreciate the support of the course sponsors and the work of its instructor.

The surgery in Ukraine is progressing.

The doctors are welcome to join the CSI programs for 2016.

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