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A two-day professional advance course “Diagnostics and treatment for various pathologies of the cervix uteri” for gynecologists

On August 19-20, 2015 the Center of Surgical Innovation arranged a two - day course for gynecologists “Diagnostics and treatment for various pathologies of the cervix uteri”. The two days of intensive work were focused on this important medical problem. A group of leading obstetrician gynecologists, endocrinologists and cytomorphologists from the Kiev medical clinics as well as the experts from the National Institute of Cancer were specially invited to participate in the event.  A wide range of issues related to the treatment of various pathologies of the cervix uteri were considered in the course reports. The informative program of the specialists aroused great interest of the audience and a lively discussion that followed.  

In addition to the dialogue of the professionals, the doctors could see some medical books on the course topic dated early 20th century from Doctor S. Baksheev’s private library. With a genuine interest, the doctors flipped through the old pages and read extracts from the books “The cervical carcinoma” under addition of J. For, “Prevention, symptoms and therapy of the cervical carcinoma” edited by A. Luvre and others.

The first day course program ended with the doctors watching the impact of the physical energies on the cervix uteri and to the clinical approbation of the “Radio SURGE 2200”, a radio surgical device of broad range of action from the Meyer Haake Company. The other day of the course was held in the Kiev Alexandrovskaya hospital and was devoted to entirely practical matters, that is, examining the patients, analyzing the colposcopical pictures, discussing the methods of treatment. All the course members were actively involved in the work.

        The Center of Surgical Innovation appreciate all the speakers who participated in the course: Candidate of Medicine S. Baksheev, Candidate of Medicine V. Khaperiya (National Institute of Cancer), Candidate of Medicine O. Burka (Medical laboratory “Dila”), A. Kovalevych (GSK Company), Candidate of Medicine A. Vitiuk, Candidate of Medicine  Petrenko T.G., Senior Specialist E. Pavlova. 

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