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On September 12-16, 2016 the Center of Surgical Innovation hosted a professional course in laparoscopic pelvic surgery arranged in English for a group of surgeons from Kenia and Nigeria. The course instructor was Alexei Potapov, assistant of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Department, NMAPE after P.Shupik, a member of European Association of Gastrointestinal Surgeons (EDS).

The theory of the course included basic principles of laparoscopy, operating room equipment, basic laparoscopy in gynecology, making pneumoperitoneum, types of surgical energies and their influence on biological tissue, hemostasis in laparoscopy, types of basic laparoscopic operations for pelvic pathologies.

During the session the course participants considered some patient cases, watched video of the operations, discussed certain surgery tactics and methods of surgical treatment for pelvic pathology. They worked a lot training special technique on the simulators.

The Center arranged a live surgery broadcast from Igor Nigutsa, Head of Invasive Gynecology Department, Odessa Hospital No 1, who demonstrated high professional skill and willingly spoke with the course members.

When practising on a lab swine the doctors trained making pneumoperitoneum, trocar placement, navigation through the camera, using instruments in the abdominal cavity, intra and extra corporal suturing, nephrectomy, operating on uterine appendages (salpingectomy, ovariodrilling) with different types of energies being employed.


Upon completion of the course the participants received the CSI certificates. We wish them success and good luck in realization of their plans.

The CSI appreciate the professional and active involvement of the course instructor A.Potapov. 

By arranging courses in English the CSI is moving to a new level of partnership!

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