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On April 25-29, 2016 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a week long professional development course “Practical skills of laparoscopic pelvic surgery”, with Candidate of Medicine, T. Petrenko as a course instructor.
The course was attended by doctors from different regions of Ukraine.
The theory of the session included the basics of laparoscopy technique, safe laparoscopy, neoplastic pelvic processes, urgent gynecology, types and methods of genital endometriosis treatment. A special lecture was conducted on types of surgical energies and their effect on biological tissues, methods of incision, dissection and hemostasis in laparoscopy and the latest treatments for uterine miomas.
In accordance with the course plan the greater part of the time was assigned to practising laparoscopy on the simulators, with the doctors exercising in laparoscopy as well as training in suturing and knotting.
In the intervals the surgeons considered some patient cases and discussed treatment tactics.
One day was assigned for a master-class from Vladimir Brin, Candidate of Medicine, one of the leading surgeons of Kiev Alexandrovskaya Hospital.
To address the audience of the course Igor Nigutsa, Head of Invasive Gynecology Department, Odessa Clinic No 1, arranged a live surgery broadcast.
During the Vet lab class the course participants had an opportunity to practise setting the Verres needle and making pneumoperitoneum, trocar placing and inserting optics and instruments and they also performed a two-sided nephrectomy and sulpinguectpmy applying the main principles of endoscopic surgery.
The SCI team would like to thank the course instructor and lecturers and to wish all the participants further achievements.
You are welcome to our new sessions! 

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