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On September 16, 2016 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a master class in laparoscopic herniology, with some senior experts from Gastrointestinal Surgery department, NIST after A.Shalimov, participating.

Among those invited to take part in the event, were surgeons from Kiev and regions, interns and A.Bogomolets NMU students and a group of surgeons from Nigeria. Doctor of Medicine, Professor A.Usenko, Director of the NIST, addressed the participants with welcoming speech.

Candidate of Medicine A.Kalashnikov, the CSI courses head instructor, introduced a series of regular training programs for surgeons arranged by the CSI.

The participants of the master class were offered the following reports:

"Laparoscopy for inguinal hernia: TAPP or TER?" (Candidate of Medicine S.Kosyukhno, NIST after A.Shalimov);

"Chronic groin pain" (Candidate of Medicine A.Perekhrestenko, NIST after A.Shalimov);

"Hernioplasty of the inguinal canal as it is viewed by the International Association of Endoscopy Surgeons (A.Potapov, NMAPE after P.Shupik).

The live broadcast demonstrated laparoscopic transabdominal hernioplasty of the inguinal canal, with "PROGRIP", a self-retaining synthetic mesh implant from the Covidien Company being inserted. The operation was performed by Candidates of Medicine S.Kosyukhno and A.Kalashnikov,  Candidate of Medicine A.Perekhrestenko being its moderator. The questions discussed by the audience included criteria in choosing the most suitable prosthetic material to perform hernioplasty, TAPP or TER operation preference, causes of recurrence after TAPP and TER, statistics of operative laparoscopic surgery with implants, causes of chronic groin pain, methods  of diagnosis and treatment options.

The Center of Surgical Innovation would like to thank the experts from NIST after A.Shalimov S.Kosyukhno, A.Kalashnikov, A.Perekhrestenko, A.Plegutsa and A.Potapov for the valuable experience they shared with the colleagues.

We also thank all the participants wishing them professional development and success. 

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