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On August 1-3, 2016 the Center of Surgical Innovation held a three-day work shop for interns and medical students “Intensive basic course on laparoscopic surgery”.

The course instructor was Doctor Aleksey Potapov, a research worker from the Surgery  and Vascular Surgery Department, NMAPE after Shupik.

The course was attended by a group of trainees from Kiev, Lvov and Kramatorsk.

The theory of the course included: basics of laparoscopic techniques, operating room equipment, types of diagnostic and operative endoscopy, forming of pneumoperitoneum, types of surgical energies and their effects on biological tissue, hemostasis in laparoscopy, laparoscopic surgery in emergencies, basics of laparoscopic herniology, basic concepts of SILS and transluminal surgery.

The course plan was quite busy. Much attention was paid to practical part with training on simulators and work with laparoscopic instruments.

During a video session the course participants analyzed basic laparoscopic abdominal operations, discussed methods of pneumoperitoneum forming, typical mistakes and possible complications at different stages of laparoscopic surgery.

In the course of the workshop its participants had an opportunity to take part in a master class on laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the NIST operating rooms. Much attention was paid to practical aspects of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The NIST leading researchers A. Kondratyuk and S.Kosiukhno shared their experience and answered the questions.

The students trained at a unique simulator for single-port endoluminal surgery, on which they perfected their skills in knotting and sewing.

The lecture of the CSI service man on types of energies in open and laparoscopic surgery was followed by the surgeons practising electrosurgery instruments on organic complexes.

A “Kalina” company representative arranged a presentation of their medical products for surgeons (gloves).

During the Vet lab class the course participants practised  pneumoperitoneum forming, trocar placing and inserting optics and instruments, trained Intracorporal and extracorporal suture applying methods, and performed  partial splenectomy, hepar atypical resection and gallbladder resection.

Upon completion of the course the doctors got their Certificates and medical literature.


The SCI team would like to thank the course instructor A. Potapov and lecturers and wish all the participants further achievements.

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