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Venue: Training Center and Experimental Surgery Department of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology. A.A. Shalimova; Kiev, st. Heroes of Sevastopol, 30.

Audience: Practicing Surgeons

Curators: leading experts of the NIHT named after A.A.Shalimova. d.m.n Sidyuk A., dok. Klimas A.S.

The objectives of the seminar: to study the basic principles of diagnosis, tactics of preoperative treatment and surgical interventions, to get acquainted with lapar-thoracoscopic methods of esophageal surgery, to develop the basic skills of operations on the esophagus.

Theoretical course
Analysis of the main stages of surgical interventions during video broadcasts
Practical skills training on simulators and organocomplexes
Theoretical course:
Esophageal cancer gastroesophageal cancer, the state of the problem in Ukraine and the world.
Modern diagnostic standards.
Modern standards of preoperative treatment.
Types of surgical interventions: indications, technical aspects, long-term results, complications.
Proximal resection of the stomach with resection of the esophagus by various thoracoabdominal approaches.
Hybrid minimally invasive interventions for cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal cancer.
Total minimally invasive interventions for cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal cancer. (Total minimally invasive esophagectomy)
Material and technical base: laparoscopic simulators, simulators for laparoscopy, instruments and equipment for laparoscopic interventions (laparoscopic stand, high-frequency, ultrasound surgical devices), tablets for developing skills in working with laparoscopic instruments, organocomplexes, clinical operating rooms, broadcast capabilities from operating rooms, multimedia teaching aids , video library, library
Methodology: modular training standards as recommended by the American and European Surgeon Associations.

At the end of the course, a CSI Certificate is issued, which includes points, according to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 02.22.2019 No. 446

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