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Venue: Training Center "Center of Surgical Innovation®"  - Kyiv, St. Heroiv Sevastopolya 30
Effective Surgical Solutions Center "Dievo" Kyiv, St. Volodymyra Brozhko 112/40.

Format - "Live surgery and theoretical part"

Lecturer: Bogdan Juran - Candidate of Medical Sciences, docent of the Department of Urology National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named P.L. Shupik

The course is design for doctors of basic and intermediate level of training.

At the master class:
• We let's consider the possibilities of modern resectoscopy in the treatment of pathology of the prostate and bladder (bladder polyps, prostate hyperplasia, non-invasive bladder cancer).
• We will perform a comparative analysis of mono- and bi-polar (plasma kinetic) TOUR.
• We let's define indications and contraindications to this operation.
• We will consider preventive techniques to reduce the level of intraoperative and postoperative complications.
• In the form of a discussion, we will work on the treatment of complications, both intraoperative and postoperative.

Participants will receive certificates:
National certificate according to the Order of the Ministry of Health №446 dated February 22, 2019.

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