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Seminar duration: days (24 hours)

Seminar instructor:  Alexander Stakhovskiy, Candidate of Medicine, onco- urology surgeon of the first category, researcher at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Oncological Urology, National Institute of Cancer.

Place of event: Training Centre and Experimental Department of the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology after A. Shalimov (Kiev, Geroev Sevastopolya, 30), Department for Plastic and Reconstructive Oncological Urology, National Institute of Cancer.

The course program:

To consider new nephro-metric systems and specify their role in choosing organ saving strategies;

To study the problem of central vascular ischemia during partial nephrectomy;

To analyze laparoscopy intrusion stages (radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy);

To outline the main principles and methods of local ischemia during laparoscopic nephrectomy;

To treat “zero ischemia” method and define the main stages of resection avoiding ischemia;

To practise the main stages of kidney laparoscopy using training boxes and simulators;

To consider most common intra-operation complications and methods of their prevention;

To discuss the clinical cases presented;

To participate in “Live surgery”;

To practise laparoscopy on a lab pig.


The seminar fee – 4000 UAH


Registration for the event:

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