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Practical course "Topical issues of urogynecology"

Venue: Training Center and the Department of Experimental Surgery of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology. A.A. Shalimova (Kiev, 30 Sevastopol Heroes Street), Audience: practicing urologists, surgeons and oncourologists

Curator of the course: Sеrnyak Yuri Petrovich.

The objectives of the course: to study the basic principles of laparoscopic surgery in urology, to develop the basic skills of frequently used techniques for performing mini-invasive surgical interventions using all types of energies

Course program:

Practical training on simulators and organocomplexes.

Implementation of a specific plan of operations on laboratory pigs.

The analysis of the main stages of surgical interventions during an online broadcast from the operating room.

Test control skills:

the development of hand coordination in laparoscopy;

rules for working with laparoscopic equipment and instruments;

port installation rules;

peculiarities of imposing intraocorporal and extracorporeal sutures

Expected results at the end of the course:

Obtaining and / or improving the skills of performing intracorporal and extracorporeal sutures;

improvement of skills of working with modern equipment and instruments in laparoscopic urology with the aim of maximally safe and effective use of surgical energies;

development of standard methods of nephrectomy - and laparoscopy on laboratory pigs;

development of standard laparoscopic techniques in clinical operations and participation in operations with leading specialists;

The material and technical basis of the course: Simulator simulators for laparoscopy, instruments and equipment for laparoscopic interventions (laparoscopic stance, high-frequency, plasma and ultrasound surgical devices), plates for testing the skills of laparoscopic instruments, organocomplexes, laboratory pigs, clinical operating rooms, operational, interactive whiteboards, video library, library

Methodology: modular training standards according to the recommendations of the American and European surgeons associations.

At the end of the course, the CSI Certificate and training materials for this course are issued.

Cost of the course: specify by phone.

Advance payment by bank transfer.

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