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A two day improvement training course " Practical skills of laparoscopic surgery: simulators plus VET LAB" (16 hours)

Course objectives:

Considering the main principles of laparoscopy, training methods of miniinvasive surgery, with all the surgical energies being applied. 


Practising laparoscopy on the simulators (8 hours)

Performing the operations suggested on the lab swines  (8 hours)

Instructors: leading experts of the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology after A. Shalimov and the National Medicine Academy for Post-Graduate Education after P. Shupik.

Methodology: module standards of education recommended by American and European Unions of surgeons.

The course graduates receive the SCI certificates.


Free course quota: for the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology after A.Shalimov.

Prepayment by bank transfer


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