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Scientific-practical seminar for operating nurses

Date: July 4, 2014

Venue: Assembly Hall of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation. A.Shalimova

Address: Str. Heroes of Sevastopol, 30





Registration, master classes by manufacturers


9.30-9: 45

Report on "Prevention of nosocomial infections in hospitals," Health Ministry of Ukraine Consultant Infection Control, Ph.D. Kozhan NE


9: 45-10: 05

The report "Regulatory documentation MoH Ukraine Surgical Hospitals' Association President nurses Ukraine Iwashko GN


10: 05-10: 35

The report "Chemical disinfection and sterilization. Groups of active principles. The choice of disinfectants "Medical Officer Bilitskih SM," Medproinvest »,« Shulke »


10: 35-11: 20

Video presentation "Stages of processing surgical instruments c purpose of their preservation. Frequent errors "Head of the Ukrainian Sering Hrinchenko MP, Soering


11: 20-11: 45

Master class "Phased disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of tools." Competition for the disassembly and assembly of ultrasonic scissors. The prizes Service Engineer Sering in Ukraine Astapenkov In, Soering


11: 45-12: 15

The report "Processing / reprocessing of medical devices in the reusable health care setting. The choice of method and mode "

BMT Ukraine, Sergeyev GV


12: 15-12: 35

Video lesson "Working central sterilization department, foreign experience"

BMT Ukraine, GV Sergeyev GV


12: 45-13: 20

Excursion to the SSC SSC Head of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantation. Shalimov Datsenko NA


13: 20-13: 45

Coffee Break, master classes from producers


13: 45-14: 30

Video-course "treatment of hands in surgery." Competition for the best answer "Antiseptic Hand." Prizes for the winners

Epidemiologist Bilitskih SM, "Medproinvest», «Shulke»


14: 30-15: 15

The report "Basic skills with modern surgical equipment. Features a choice of modes in electrosurgery. Electrical safety. Analysis of common mistakes "

Lecturer Astapenkov VA, "Sering" (Kiev)


15: 15-15: 45

Video course "Preparation of electrical equipment for use in the operating room" Lecturer Astapenkov VA, "Sering" (Kiev)


15: 45-16: 15

Video Course elder sister institution operating Shalimova "Rules layouts surgical instruments on the operating table," Senior Lecturer operas sister institution



Presentation of certificates


Workshop participants receive a selection of materials on the subject, copies of regulatory orders, instructions for processing surgical instruments


Participation is free!

Register by phone (044) 339-90-90

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