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Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ukraine
Odesa National Medical University
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №1
to participate in a scientific and practical conference with international participation
“Expansive surgery in gynecology: cancer, endometriosis.”
Date: 17.05-18.05.2018
Location: Grand Marine Hotel, Pivdennosanatornyi lane 5, Sovinion, Odesa, Ukraine
Audience: gynecologists, reproductologists,family doctors, pediatric gynecologists, gynecologic oncologists, surgeons, urologists and coloproctologists.

Invited international experts:

Cristof Sohn (Germany)
Harald Krentel (Germany)
M.Muller (Switzerland)
Lukash Rot (Czech Republic)
Irakly Todua (Georgia)
Stefano Martinotti (Italy)
Francesco Fanfani (Italy)

Day 1: Ovarian Cancer. Endometrial cancer. “Live surgery”. Lecture program
• Cytoreductive ovarian cancer surgery
• Laparoscopic endometrial cancer surgery

Day 2: Endometriosis. “Live surgery”. Lecture program

• Laparoscopic surgery of deep infiltrative endometriosis
• Hysterectomy with endometriosis

Technical organizer: LLC “Center of Surgical Innovation”. Website: http://endo.isurgery.com.ua/
Responsible person: Polovynchak Veronika, +38 (099) 515 00 69, e-mail: v.polovynchak@isurgery.com.ua Please send electronic posters on the topic “Expansive Surgery in Gynecology. Cancer. Endometriosis.” send to e-mail endometriosis@isurgery.com.ua

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