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Venue: Training Center and Department of Experimental Surgery, National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology OO Shalimov; Kyiv, vul. Heroes of Sevastopol, 30.

Kyiv City Center for Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine (16, Heroiv Stalingrad Ave., Kyiv)

Course objectives:

Considering the main principles of laparoscopy, training methods of miniinvasive surgery, with all the surgical energies being applied



Practising laparoscopy on simulators and organic complexes.

Performing the operations suggested on the lab swines.

Analyzing the main stages of surgical intervention during the online broadcast from the operating room.

Assisting the leading experts of the Alexandrovskaya hospital in the clinical operating rooms.

Instructors: leading experts of the National Medicine Academy for Post-Graduate Education after Shupik and Kiev Alexandrovskaya hospital 

Methodology: module standards of education based on recommendations of American and European Unions of surgeons 

The course leavers receive certificates of the CSI and training materials. The improvement course completion certificates of the National Medicine Academy for Post-Graduate Education after  Shupik are to be additionally discussed.


Free course quota for the National Institute for Surgery and Transplantology after A.Shalimov.

Prepayment by bank transfer



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