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Webinar: “Ultrasound in intensive care - from emergency room to surgical resuscitation”

Lecturers: Vysotsky Andrey, Shapov Danil.

Date: June 22, 23 and 25, 2020

Cost: 200 UAH.

The course is based on the actual use of ultrasound in different conditions, from completely unsuitable and wild to calm and planned.

The objective of the basic course is to acquaint students with the basics of ultrasound diagnostics in intensive care, from ultrasound physics to image settings. A kind of "ultrasound alphabet" on the topics of examinations of the heart, lungs, blood vessels.

Methods - two days of theory. The first is the anatomy of an ultrasound machine, the types of sensors needed, basic image settings. Doppler, types and application. M - mode.

A variety of models and classes of ultrasound, what and why?

Ultrasound of vessels - visualization of the main vessels, patency assessment. Scan for Tel. The basics of catheterization are in-plane, out-plane imaging. Guide-in technique. Tips for building your own simulator)

Day 2 - ultrasound of the heart - the choice of the sensor, the main positions, ways to assess the contractility of the right and left departments.

The basics of an ultrasound of the lungs are a normal picture, typical pathologies. Differential diagnosis of shocks.

After a day break, we collect the Uzi alphabet into phrases - protocols. FAST, FOCUS, BLUE, SESAME, RADIUS and others.

Webinar Platform: https://www.zoom.us/

(To view the webinar you need to be an authorized user www.zoom.us Only authorized users will have access to view, please check)

Registration for the webinar: https://www.isurgery.com.ua/registration

At the end of the webinar, you will receive a CSI Certificate, which includes 10 points according to the “Requirements for Continuing Professional Development Events”, Section II.

Issuance of certificates within 10 business days!

On June 22, 23 and 25, a link to the broadcast will be sent to the vibe and email address.

 See you!

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