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Christmas School of Regional Anesthesia

Friday, December 18, 16:40 - 22:00

Saturday, December 19, 09:00 - 20:00

Organizers: Feofania Clinical Hospital and the Center for Surgical Innovations

With the support of: Ukrainian Association of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy

Technical organizer: Center of surgical innovation


The Second Christmas School of Regional Anesthesia is an educational, scientific and practical event aimed at the professional development and advanced training of anesthesiologists, surgeons and pain specialists. With the participation of leading domestic and foreign (USA, UK, South Africa) speakers.


The course consists of two parts. During the first day of the School, the practical aspects of performing peripheral blockades of the limbs and torso will be considered, with a demonstration of the technique of ultrasound support of blockades on volunteers. The second day of the School is devoted to the review of various methods of regional anesthesia in relation to individual surgical operations and clinical situations (general surgery, thoracic, orthopedics, urology, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatric surgery). A separate section of controversial debates "for and against".


Course features:




Albokrinov Andrey (Lviv)

Bryukhanova Anastasia (Kharkiv)

Vysotsky Andrey (Kiev)

Garga Andriy (Kyiv)

Glazov Eugene (Odessa)

Dmitriev Dmitry (Vinnytsia)

Zagoruyko Fedor (Kiev)

Zitinyuk Vitaliy (Kiev)

Kiselyova Irina (Kiev)

Kolomachenko Vitaliy (Kharkiv)

Kurochkin Mikhail (Zaporozhye)

Levi Maxim (Kharkiv)

Forest Ivan (Kiev)

Martsiniv Volodymyr (Kyiv)

Mikhailov Bogdan (Zaporizhzhya)


Mogorita Eugene (Kiev)

Pavlovsky Maxim (Kiev)

Safonov Roman (Kharkiv)

Strokan Andriy (Kyiv)

Ruslan Tkachenko (Kiev)

Fesenko Volodymyr (Lviv)

Fesenko Ulbolgan (Lviv)

Predator Kirill (Kiev)

Khomenko Andrey (Kiev)

Rostislav Chaplinsky (Kharkiv)


André Theron (South Africa)

Madan Narayanan (United Kingdom)

Kalivoshko Nazar (USA)

Kuybida Yuri (Great Britain)

Format: online

BPD points: 20 points in accordance with the "Requirements for continuous professional development", pII.




Friday, December 18. Advanced refresh rate.

1645 –1650 Greetings from the organizers. Prof., MD Oleg Loskutov

1650 –1655  Greetings from the organizers. Andriy Strokan


1655 –1710 

Regional anesthesia during the epidemic COVID-19

Andriy Strokan

1710 –1725

The use of ultrasound in treatment COVID-19

Andriy Vysotsky


1730 –1830 Upper limb

Moderators: Andriy Strokan, Andriy Khomenko


1730 –1745 

Blockade-oriented anatomy of the upper extremity

Andriy Strokan

1745 –1805

Basic blockades of the shoulder joint (demonstration on a volunteer)

Andriy Strokan

1805 –1830

The main blocks of the upper limb below the clavicle (demonstration on a volunteer)

Andriy Khomenko


1840 –1940 Lower limb

Moderators: Andriy Strokan, Yevhen Mohorita


1840 –1855 

Blockade-oriented anatomy of the lower extremity

Maxim Pavlovsky

1855 –1920

Blockades of the lumbar plexus

(demonstration on a volunteer)

Andriy Strokan

1920 –1940

Blockade of the sacral plexus and foot (demonstration on a volunteer)

Eugene Mogorita


1950 –2005 Blockades of life

Moderators: Volodymyr Martsiniv, Vitaliy Zitinyuk


1950 –2005 

Blockade-oriented abdominal anatomy

Vladimir Martsinov

2005 –2025

Regional anesthesia of the abdomen and lumbar region (demonstration on a volunteer)

Vitaliy Zitinyuk

2025 –2050

Regional anesthesia of the lower abdomen, perineum and pelvis (demonstration on a volunteer)

Andriy Khomenko


2100 –2115 Chest blockade

Moderators: Maksym Pavlovsky, Kyrylo Khyzhnyak


2100 –2015 

Blockade-oriented anatomy of the chest

Kirill Khizhnyak

2115 –2140

Regional chest anesthesia - paraspinal blocks (demonstration on a volunteer)

Maxim Pavlovsky

2140 –2200

Regional chest anesthesia - superficial blocks (demonstration on a volunteer)

Vladimir Martsinov


Saturday, December 19.


0900 –1010 Some topics of regional anesthesia

Moderators: Ruslan Tkachenko, Andriy Strokan


0900 –0915 

How to successfully use regional anesthesia in patients at high risk of general anesthesia

André Theron

0915 –0930

New aspects of procedural sedation under regional anesthesia

Ruslan Tkachenko

0930 –0945

Adjuvants in regional anesthesia

Ulbolgan Fesenko

0945 –1000

The role of regional anesthesia in the ERAS program

Fedor Zagoruyko

1000 –1010

Discussion and answers to questions



1015 –1125 Regional anesthesia for operations on the lower extremity

Moderators: Andriy Strokan, Vitaliy Kolomachenko


1015 –1030 

Anesthesia for surgical treatment of femoral neck fractures

Yuri Kuybida

1030 –1045

Choice of anesthesia method for hip arthroplasty

Vitaly Kolomachenko

1045 –1100

The best blocks for early mobilization after knee surgery

André Theron

1100 –1115

Regional anesthesia of foot operations

Eugene Mogorita

1115 –1025

Discussion and answers to questions



1130 –1255 Regional anesthesia in general surgery and urology

Moderators: Bogdan Mikhailov, Andriy Khomenko


1130 –1145 

The best blocks for large abdominal surgery (Rectus sheath block, TAP block, upper TAP, QL block)

Madan Narayanan

1145 –1200

Regional anesthesia for different types of hernioplasty

Vitaliy Zitinyuk

1200 –1215

Regional anesthesia in cosmetic surgery

Andrey Albokrinov

1215 –1230

Postoperative wound infiltration in urology and surgery

Bogdan Mikhailov

1230 –1245

Regional anesthesia for urological operations

Andriy Khomenko

1245 –1255

Discussion and answers to questions



1300 –1315 Myofascial blocks from theory to practice

Moderators: Ulbolgan Fesenko, Volodymyr Martsiniv


1300 –1315 

Paraspinal blocks practical application and new research

André Theron

1315 –1330

Sympathetic blockade in the practice of anesthesiology

Ulbolgan Fesenko

1330 –1400

QL block - modern understanding and practical application

Madan Narayanan

1400 –1410

Discussion and answers to questions



1415 –1500 "Pros and cons" debate:

Which is better in abdominal surgery - epidural anesthesia or myofascial blocks?

Moderator: Andriy Strokan


1415 –1425

I want epidural anesthesia for my patients because…

Ivan Lisny

1425 –1435

I want myofascial blockade for my patients because…

Dmitry Dmitriev

1435 –1440

Discussion and answers to questions




1500 –1610 Regional anesthesia for operations on the upper extremity and in neurosurgery

Moderators: Andriy Strokan, Nazar Kalivoshko


1500 –1515 

Shoulder joint surgery is a key aspect of blockade

Andriy Strokan

1515 –1545

Regional anesthesia for operations of the arm below the shoulder

Nazar Kalivoshko

1545 –1600

Differential approach to regional anesthesia in neurosurgical practice

Anastasia Bryukhanova, Maxim Levy

1600 –1610

Discussion and answers to questions



1615 –1725 Regional anesthesia in gynecology and obstetrics

Moderators: Vladimir Fesenko, Ruslan Tkachenko


1615 –1630 

Possibilities of application of regional techniques for hysteroresection

Ruslan Tkachenko

1630 –1645

Regional blocks in obstetrics: evidence base and practical aspects

Andrew Garga

1645 –1700

New in the prevention of post-puncture headache

Vladimir Fesenko

1700 –1715

Which unit is best for gynecological interventions

Rostislav Chaplinsky

Roman Safonov

1715 –1725

Discussion and answers to questions



1730 –1840 Use of blockades in thoracic and cardiac surgery

Moderators: Kyrylo Khyzhnyak, Maksym Pavlovsky


1730 –1745 

Anatomical aspects of chest blocks.

Vladimir Martsinov 

1745 –1800

Regional methods of anesthesia in cardiac surgery, a joke or a paradigm shift?

Kyrylo Khyzhnyak 

1800 –1815

Regional anesthesia in cardio- and thoracic surgery for operations without intubation

Maxim Pavlovsky 

1815 –1830

Which unit for which operation in breast surgery. 

Vladimir Martsinov 

1830 –1840

Discussion and answers to questions



1845 –1955 Regional anesthesia in children

Moderators: Irina Kiselyova, Andrey Albokrinov


1845 –1900 

The use of neuroaxial blockades in pediatric practice

Mikhail Kurochkin

1900 –1915

From neuroaxial to peripheral and myofascial blockades in pediatric anesthesiology

Irina Kiselyova

1915 –1930

Myofascial blocks in children

Andrey Albokrinov

1930 –1945

Arsenal of blocks of an urgent pediatric anesthesiologist

Eugene Glazov

1945 –1955

Discussion and answers to questions



1955 –2000 Closing remarks. Andriy Strokan


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