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Advanced course of ultrasound diagnostics in intensive care

Venue: Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre. Dnisterska Street, 27, Lviv, 79035, Ukraine

Curators: Vysotsky Andrey Dmitrievich, Shipov Danil Olegovich

Course program:

The goal is to master the monitoring of hemodynamics in intensive care.

Assessment of intracardiac hemodynamics - valvular pathology, work with color Doppler, CW, PW-Doppler.

Assessment of IVC, dependence on the clinical situation - COPD, RDS, mechanical ventilation. Ultrasound support for patients with severe ARDS.

Protocols RUSH, GUCCI. Ultrasound during CPR, working out team interaction.

National certificate according to the order of the Ministry of Health №446 from 22.02.2019.

Registration: https://www.isurgery.com.ua/registration

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