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Venue: Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre. Dnisterska Street, 27, Lviv, 79035, Ukraine


Curators: Vysotsky Andrey Dmitrievich, Shipov Danil Olegovich

Course program:

An 8-hour (4 + 4) practical intensive course focused on those wishing to master ultrasound in intensive care.

The goal is to teach you how to work with an ultrasound machine, choose the right sensors, presets, and optimize images.

To master the “alvafit” of which the ultrasound of the lungs consists, determine the main indicators of the ultrasound of the heart, necessary for the analysis of hemodynamics, and of course the search for free fluid in the abdominal cavity - FAST, e-FAST.

The main emphasis is on practical skills.

At the end, students will be able to independently conduct ultrasound of the lungs, derive the main positions during the examination of the heart, master the FAST protocol.

FINAL - a practical simulation scenario with clinical indicators, so to speak - attachment to life)

The passed / failed principle.

After delivery - CSI Certified: Anesthesia


Registration: https://www.isurgery.com.ua/registration

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